Our Team Describes What It Means to Work at Road Safe in Three Words

In business, sometimes there can be a disconnect between how the owners and management perceive the team to be feeling and what they value, to the reality on the ground.

Given the last two years have been challenging for everyone on a number of fronts, we thought we’d check in with our team to assess the mood and see how everyone was feeling. We wanted genuine authentic feedback, so using an independent resource, we asked our team members to describe in three words what it means to them to work at Road Safe. They were not prepped for this, there were no other staff or managers in the room with them, it was completely unscripted.  The team’s responses were extremely positive.

After reviewing everyone’s responses, they naturally fell into four key categories: feelings/emotive connections to working at Road Safe, the people, the environment and safety.  Let’s take a look at each of these categories more closely.

Feelings / Emotive Connection to Working at Road Safe

The fact that a number of team members used words that described how Road Safe made them feel, just reiterates the importance of our culture and values. Given what we have all experienced over the last two years, it was really interesting, and exceptionally humbling, that the team used such positive statements. In fact, there was not one negative comment shared.

Key feelings that emerged were energetic, happy, fun, courage, respect, knowledge, love learning new things and facing challenges. Another key attribute that was shared was communication.

The People

As a business owner, it’s very rewarding and indeed reassuring, to know that the team culture you work so hard to create is being experienced by your people in the way you had hoped. The people and teamwork at Road Safe were included in the majority of responses.  Some team members went on to explain further that the team is respectful, they are good friends at Road Safe, everyone has each other’s back and there is an awesome culture. And the praise wasn’t just for the traffic management staff either, recognition for strong leadership, awesome managers and bosses and the fact they are great to work with, also emerged.

The Environment

When people are looking at finding a job they enjoy, they often mention they want to work with good people and in a good environment and the responses show ‘environment’ is a key reason the team like working at Road Safe. Common responses included the fact that it was a good environment, a good workplace and it was positive. Another attribute was the fact the environment and nature of the job allowed you to see the countryside and be outdoors.  A second key aspect of environment that came through strongly was that it’s a family orientated environment and one team member used the words “it’s like a family”. 

From the humble beginnings of Road Safe in 2016 to now, we’ve been focused on creating a family orientated environment for all those that work for us, so it’s comforting to know the team are feeling that.


Safety is obviously the key deliverable of what we do at Road Safe with roading, civil and event traffic management and is everyone’s job.  The fact that team members highlighted this as what it means to work at Road Safe, shows their genuine passion and commitment to providing safety for each other and all others on the road. Getting everyone home safe and keeping the public safe, were the most common responses.

Logan Dawson, Managing Director of Road Safe shares his thoughts on the team’s Three Words

“Wow! It was pretty humbling to hear the team talk about what Road Safe means to them in such a positive and honest way. It’s also awesome to see that our four company values of Safety, Teamwork, Respect and Communication naturally shone through. I’m really proud of our people, our environment and what we do each and every day.  Our work and industry can be hard and challenging at times, it’s definitely not for everyone; it’s so rewarding to hear that our team are doing their jobs safely but also enjoying their work and workplace. Keep up the awesome work team!”.

If you’re looking for a new job and value working in a positive environment that is safe, fun, energetic and has great people, please look at our job vacancies and see if Road Safe is right for you!