Kath Parkinson

Culture & Development, Brand Ambassador

Kath has a unique role at Road Safe and with it, she brings unique skills. She holds a number of roles on different Iwi committees and organisations, she’s a people person, she’s focused on culture and is a qualified STMS with a number of years of traffic management to her name.

Her role at Road Safe is central to the vision and direction of the company and is focused on three key pillars: culture, development and brand – Kath lives and breathes the core values. Her focus is on creating an environment of happy people and ensuring the team are happy at work AND at home. Kath’s work also sees her making sure the company lives up to its motto of ‘Great People, Doing Great Things’.

If you ask Kath what she loves about her role, she will tell you it’s the listening, the helping, the caring and the empowering of people. And about the company itself, the fact it has a set of core values that are accurate and which all team members can live out.

Mobile: 027 696 9026
Email: kathleen@roadsafetm.co.nz

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