Areas of Traffic Management We're Involved In

People tend to think traffic management is solely focused on working out on the roads with the big construction and civil companies. But that's just part of what we do here at Road Safe.

We wanted to shed some light on the extent of our services and the various people we work with. At Road Safe, we provide temporary traffic management for three key areas:

  • Roading and Civil Projects
  • Residential Projects and
  • Events

Roading and Civil Projects

These types of projects tend to be the most visible to the public, as they involve large roading or infrastructure projects. And as a driver, you tend to remember roadworks!  We work with large roading and civil construction companies, and often other traffic management companies too for projects that cover large areas of state highways.

Another aspect of traffic management on the roads is emergency response and callouts. This is where there has been an accident on the road and urgent traffic management is required to divert or manage the flow of traffic as safely as possible.

Residential Projects

This is probably the area that less people know about. At Road Safe, we work with smaller companies throughout the Bay Of Plenty and Waikato regions on residential projects. These projects are extremely varied and include anything from traffic management for when a swimming pool is being craned into a property, a concrete pour at a home, movement of heavy vehicles and large deliveries at a construction site and arborists at work.

We really enjoy working with the smaller companies on these projects too and getting to build long-standing relationships with them. It's great for us to be involved in the local communities we live and work in. And we often get to meet the individual home or property owners as well!


If you've been to any sporting, food or music festivals in the Bay over the last few years, no doubt you would have seen our crews out in force!

We provide traffic management for a number of events including concerts, expos, music festivals, sports, sponsorship events, community events and cruise ships.  Our ultimate goal is to keep everyone safe and allow traffic to move through the area safely and with minimum disruption.

Events are a great for our teams to be involved in - they enjoy the atmosphere, music, camaraderie, and positive vibes events provide.

Prior to the events, these projects require extensive planning and working with various stakeholders to ensure the smooth and safe running of the event. Stakeholders tend to include the local council, event organisers and other contractors (such as waste management and first aid) that are also working at the event.

It doesn’t matter what type of project we're providing temporary traffic management for, each project is underpinned by a Traffic Management Plan (TMP).

If you're interested in working in traffic management and keen to work on a variety of projects, then head over to our Careers page!