Working within the traffic management industry, and particularly with Road Safe, provides great opportunities for qualifications, life skills, friendships and the chance to work outdoors! With Road Safe, you’ll experience being part of a team that constantly strives to do and be, better.

Types of Jobs

There’s much more to traffic management than holding the ‘Stop/Go’ sign, although that’s a critical role for safety! If you’ve never worked in the industry before you can start at the entry-level position of TTM Worker and have the chance to progress further, if you choose.

Here are just some of the opportunities available within the industry. CLICK HERE if you would like to register your interest in a career with us. We’ve got branches in Tauranga, Whakatane, Rotorua and Taupo.


A TTM Worker is the entry level position for the traffic management industry. In this role, under the supervision of a STMS (Cat A, B or C) you will be involved in temporary traffic management tasks such as putting signs and cones out, assisting with stop/go duties and aiding driving activity.

You will receive all relevant training with Road Safe and then once you’ve mastered these skills, the next level you can progress to is TC/TMO.


TC/TMO is the next position after TTM worker in the traffic management industry. As a TC/TMO at Road Safe, you will be trained in safe working practices, standards and operating procedures at roadwork sites.

Once you are trained and qualified you will be able to carry out temporary traffic management duties in compliance with national and local regulations.

A TC/TMO is a pre-requisite for training to become a STMS / Cat A, B or C.

At Road Safe, your tasks include:
• Monitoring traffic
• Manual traffic control
• Carrying out work site inspections
• Keeping STMS informed of site changes

This role is best suited to someone willing to learn (and listen), who is committed to their job, is a team player and likes working outdoors.

site traffic management SPECIALIST (stms)

There are varying levels of STMS. Previous qualifications were Level 1 STMS, L23NP, L23P. These are now defined as STMS Category A, B or C. 

A STMS is responsible for the traffic management of the work site.

At Road Safe, your tasks include:
• Setting up sites correctly
• Following and fulfilling what is in the Traffic Management Plan (TMP)
• Responsible for your team on site
• Liasing with various stakeholders
• Conducting Safety Audits of Worksites

This role is best suited to someone who is good at managing people and moving parts, who is a great communicator, who is organised, who has attention to detail and great at dealing with a range of stakeholders include members of the public.


The Operations Supervisor is an experienced member of the traffic management team. This role is responsible for a number of different staff and jobs at one time.

At Road Safe, your tasks include:
• Managing multiple stakeholders across multiple worksites for your branch
• Responsible for Health and Safety on your projects
• Risk Audits
• Working closely with the Operations Manager and STMS
• Reporting to the management team

This role is best suited to someone who is calm under pressure, who has excellent communication and leadership skills, who is extremely organised, who has good project management, who can work with stakeholders ranging from a member of the public, through to management and the lead contractor/client on the job.

Our Comprehensive Training Programme

We pride ourselves on the robust training we provide our team. As well as the professional qualifications you can achieve while working with us, we also have our own internal training programme. This allows us to maintain an exceptionally high level of quality, professionalism, and capability, making us stand out within the industry.


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