Calm Approach to Encountering Roadworks on your Summer Travels

When we think of summer, we think of time spent at the beach, BBQ’s, catching up with friends and family, lazing in the sun…generally having a great, relaxed, chilled out time.

But summer, for a number of people, also means time spent travelling on our roads to get to and from our holiday destinations. And the chances are, somewhere along your journey you’ll experience roadworks.

Our workers carry out their jobs over summer in hot temperatures, in tough, high risk environments day and night for the benefit of all those using the road.  As experts in traffic management services, we ask that you please be patient and show respect and kindness to our roadworkers. They play a critical role in keeping you safe and they do genuinely, try to make sure any disruption you may experience is kept to a minimum.

Here are our 5 tips to stay calm and in control when dealing with roadworks over the summer holidays:

  1. Plan Ahead – you can check your journey with NZTA’s Traffic & Travel information and this will show you any road closures or roadworks. Allow extra time if your route includes roadworks so you don’t need to stress about ‘running late’.
  2. Follow the Signs – make sure you keep to the speed (or below) indicated before, during and after the roadworks and follow all other signage. Be aware of the road surface as you travel through the roadworks too.
  3. Be Alert – for roadworkers and the traffic management vehicles that may be working in and around where you are driving.
  4. Keep a Safe Distance – between your vehicle and the one in front, you never know when they might stop.
  5. Remain Calm – regardless of how long it may take to travel through the roadworks. Remember, getting stressed, shouting, or panicking will NOT help you get through roadworks any quicker.

That’s it really, we’ll keep you safe and moving as quickly as possible, and all we expect in return is some patience, some courtesy and some kindness.