The Role of a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) Designer

You may have heard the term TMP Designer, but what actually is this and what is this role typically responsible for?

A TMP Designer is someone who has an in-depth understanding of traffic management and is responsible for the design of temporary traffic management plans and often, also the submission and approval process for these plans.   When creating the Traffic Management Plan (TMP), the designer will most likely use a software tool to support this process, like RapidPlan.

A TMP is required for ALL activities that will vary the normal operating conditions of the road, regardless of location for example on a footpath, carriageway or road shoulder. The TMP’s created, ultimately enable work and events to be carried out safely for all people working in, through or around the site, and to adhere to all relevant compliance regulations.  The TMP Designer has to consider the needs of all users of the road including the workers on site, pedestrians and cyclists and have effective measures in place to keep everyone safe.

When designing the plan, the TMP designer has to consider a number of factors before recommending relevant measures that will keep all users safe.  They need to consider things like:

  • The desired flow of traffic for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists
  • The expected frequency of vehicles and pedestrians and this interaction
  • How short term, mobile and complex traffic situations will be managed
  • Any hazards and how to eliminate or minimise these and
  • What physical controls are needed – e.g. temporary barriers, safety fences, footpath ramps, directional signage, lighting etc

Also, the TMP itself includes responsibilities. The plan will make it clear the responsibilities for those people managing the traffic on the worksite as well as how people are expected to interact with traffic in this specific workplace. Plus, procedural information such as how to control traffic in case of an emergency.

Type of Person

As well as knowledge, experience and qualifications within traffic management; those people that make great TMP Designers have excellent communication, problem solving and time management skills.  Given the nature of traffic management projects, a TMP Designer must also be calm and effective under pressure.

This role has to work with a number of different stakeholders both internally and externally, so good collaboration and teamwork skills are essential. Also, attention to detail is critical in this role as all plans must meet certain industry and local requirements including Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management (CoPTTM).

Here at Road Safe, a TMP underpins everything we do.  Having an in-house TMP Designer allows us greater control, consistency of quality and more efficiencies of projects.

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