Travelling on the roads over summer – plan ahead!

When it comes to summer holidays, many New Zealanders load up the car and take to the roads to escape for some much-needed R&R at the end of the year. And given the COVID-19 impacted year we have all had, even more people than normal may be heading for their escapism!

We wanted to share with you some tips, to make your journey less stressful.

Be Prepared

Before you hit the road for your summer holidays, it pays to do some prep work first. Make sure your vehicle has a current warrant of fitness and registration.  Also, check the vehicle’s oil, water, windscreen washer fluid and tyres before you set off.

It’s useful to also pack some snacks, should you or the kids get hungry along the way!

Decide on your route in advance

It’s a good idea to have given some thought about which route you will take to get to your destination.  This way you can factor in things like refuelling, having a toilet stop or food break in particular towns. By thinking this through before you start your journey, you will reduce the chances of rushing around or feeling stressed.

Know your drive times, and allow more time

We all know, summer holidays on New Zealand roads can be busy, so be mindful of this. When you are working out how long it will take to get to your destination, always add on more time to be realistic. This also minimises that feeling of “I’m late!”.

Use an Online Tool like Waka Kotahi NZTA’s Journey Planner

We recommend using an online tool such as Waka Kotahi NZTA’s Journey Planner.

This online tool allows you enter where you’re ‘travelling from’ and where you’re ‘travelling to’ and recommends the best route. It provides updates on things like delays, roadworks and road closures.    Plus, you can create a login and save ‘My Journeys’ which allows you to save routes and regions and receive notifications of traffic events.