What Goes into Temporary Traffic Management for Events?

You’ve rallied your mates together, you’ve got your ticket, you’re counting down the days, you’re working out the best way to get there…yep you’re off to an event! And you’re NOT thinking about the temporary traffic management that is required to make sure the event is safe and successful, right?

But we are, that’s what we do.  Temporary traffic management for events (be it concerts, expos, music festivals, sports, sponsorship or community events) is a critical element for event organisers and one they must take seriously.

It Starts with the Planning

Like many things in life, event management starts with robust planning. The event organisers work with the relevant parties such as local councils and consider things such as whether the event will affect vehicle or pedestrian traffic, will it cause an increase in traffic to a specific area, will it require any roads or footpaths to be closed and will it require additional and specific road signs to support the flow of traffic to and from the event?

Depending on the event and the impacts above, it may also require a specific Traffic Management Plan (TMP) that needs to be completed by a professional traffic management company, like Road Safe, prepared on behalf of the event organisers.

Traffic Management Plan (TMP)

The TMP underpins the event from the traffic management point of view and is critical to smooth and safe, traffic movement. The plan would normally include things like the location of all relevant structures, equipment, facilities, assembly areas, event or filming areas. It also needs to include signs, cones, vehicles, parking restrictions, road closure details and access for the mobility impaired, emergency vehicles and to public transport as well as dates and timings. The TMP also needs to include details on the personnel involved; for example how many qualified STMS, TC, marshalls etc will be active within the areas and their locations.

This planning and approval process of the TMP, starts many weeks prior to the event.

Set Up

When it comes to event traffic management there are a number of set up procedures we must comply with, depending on the nature and size of the event. Larger events require us to have signage informing the public the event will be taking place, at least a week before the event.

As we get closer to the event, we have more work to do.  Our teams are out there setting up the specifics for the event, at times, 12 hours before the event start time.  This often means we’re setting up late in the evening, or early morning, while you’re most likely still sleeping.

The Day of the Event

The day has finally come… it’s event day.  You’re ready to let your hair down and have some fun! We already have our team stationed in their positions to enable safe and efficient vehicle and pedestrian movement to enter and exit the event.  Feel free to say hi as you head into or out of the event.

Pack Down

The last band has performed, the last athlete has crossed the finish line, or the last meal has been eaten… and all that’s left of the event is the rubbish lying on the ground and the crews like us, packing down.  We work efficiently and safely to restore the roads and surrounding areas back to what they were like, prior to the event and get that traffic moving again as it was.

As you can see a lot of planning, time and effort goes into the temporary traffic management of events but there’s something truly special about being part of live events.  Our team really enjoys this work and loves the vibe it provides and camaraderie it brings!

If you’re organising an event and have some questions about the traffic management required, please reach out to us at Road Safe - we can help.