Ngakaari Hicks

Rotorua Operations Manager

Ngakaari has been working in the traffic management industry for a number of years and has great experience with supervising and leading traffic management teams. She holds STMS, Cat A and B/P and Cat C/NP and utilises all this knowledge with her team in Rotorua.

Key responsibilities for Ngakaari include sourcing new work for the branch, liaising with clients and capturing all the relevant details for the Traffic Management Plan (TMP) Designer. Once the plan is approved, Ngakaari briefs the team accordingly. She’s also kept busy with all the day-to-day operations of the branch including health and safety.

One word sums up why Ngakaari enjoys working at Road Safe, and that’s ‘whanau’. In her role as Ops Manager, Ngakaari thrives on upskilling her staff and seeing them succeed. When staff join her team, they collectively set goals and work together to make sure they achieve them.

Mobile: 027 6969 061

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